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Stolen from her noble crib as a child, Sylah was one of ‘the Sandstorm’: 12 Ember children raised by rebels to one day bring down the empire — until a massacre left her the lone survivor.

Years later she spends her days numb from addiction, fighting (and winning) in the ring to fund her habit. But when her long-lost stepbrother returns, determined to fulfil the purpose they were trained for, Sylah is caught between her blood, and her loyalties.

Forced to confront everything she has run from, and the truth of her past, can Sylah achieve the destiny she was trained for?

Book one: The Final Strife

Book two: The Battle Drum

Book three: TBA



Book one in this trilogy, Faebound, is due to be release Feb 2024. Faebound takes place in a world where Humans and Fae are long dead, and are survived only by the Elves that now rule and fight over the remaining lands.


It tells the story of Yeeran Teila, a Colonel who becomes exiled, and her sister Lettle, a seer. A series of dramatic events forces them to live amongst a hidden tribe of Fae, and their attempts to find a way out to warn the Elves of the Fae they thought were
only a legend.

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